Stay connected with remote team members

Nitrox is a hardware + software solution that lets your remote and Work From Home team members feel like they are in the office with the rest of the team.

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Never miss a beat

The Nitrox bridge keeps an open audio connection between the office and anyone not at the office.

Beautifully simple design

Light weight clients, crisp audio quality, no lag, simply push to talk.

See Features

The best way to immerse remote employees in the office culture.

Two Way Audio

Persistent two way audio allows the office to communicate with remote team members as if they are there in person.

Simple Installation

One step sign-up process, be up and running in minutes.


Quickly visualize who's online, and who's speaking.

Multiple Rooms

Hosting a meeting has never been simpler, no need to fumble with Hangouts or Skype.

Step-up is as simple as 1 2 3

Connect Device to Internet

Either via ethernet cable or over WiFi.

Invite Remotes

Log on to your Nitrox dashboard and invite team members.

Start Chatting

Once remote members installs Nitrox desktop client, simply sign in and join the chatter.


Pricing that suits your needs.



Per user, per month


Per device, per month

  • Up to 10 remote accounts
  • 48hr Support response


Per user, per month


Per device, per month

  • Up to 10 remote accounts
  • 5 Guest accounts
  • 48hr Support response


Per Month

  • Unlimited remote accounts
  • Unlimited guest accounts
  • 24hr Support response

Contact Us

To learn more about Nitrox please leave us your email and one of our team members will happily reach out to you.


Frequently Asked Questions.

Is the office device always on?

Yes, the device will always be active, however it will only stream audio to the remotes once the input exceeds the configured min db threshold. This persistent communication channel will be the next best thing to having your remote members there in person.

Are Nitrox rooms secure?

Absolutely! All communication to and from the server is always encrypted. Encryption is mandatory and cannot be disabled. The voice channel carrying speech and positional audio is encrypted with OCB-AES 128 bit. You and the server authenticate to each other using digital certificates like they are used for secured connections in Web-browsers.

Isn't this a bit too Big Brother?

Not at all. There would be no difference between using Nitrox versus having someone there in the office in person. If a conversation is suitable for the office then it is also suitable for Nitrox.

I have several teams with remote members, can I still use Nitrox?

Definitely, Nitrox is designed to support multiple in office devices as well as multiple rooms for remotes. Get in touch with us and we will configure a custom setup that works perfectly just for you.